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Insurance for Business

Don’t get lost in a sea of insurance quotes. Be lead in the right direction with KAPTINS.


—— Commercial Insurance Help Direct to You

Our mission is to offer you a variety of insurance options and be able to guarantee that you’re covered at a fair price. There are no middlemen to deal with or individual agents trying to collect fees from you, we are bringing insurance providers directly to you. Get your insurance policies from KAPTINS and avoid the stress of finding insurance, our first-class premiums come straight from our agency, ready to add the confidence and surety you need, to both you and your business.

Our Mission

We all have assets, so why not protect them? We work to attain the best coverage at the lowest cost to our clients. We support you with the confidence and information you need to keep your things safe for years to come. We want you to feel protected when operating the various assets that you have within your business, there is nothing worse than having to pay out of pocket for repairs because of damage to your things. That’s why we keep searching for you, until we find the perfect insurance policies that completely cover all of your possible needs from your business assets all the way down to your personal ones. Keeping your assets protected through insurance is quite literally what we are all about here at KAPTINS.

Commercial Insurance

Captain Trucking!

Trucking Insurance

We offer trucking insurance for full-size fleets, as well as offering owner operators and new trucking authorities great insurance renewal options. Coverages can range from auto liability to cargo and medical expense payments.

Captain Liability!

General Liability Insurance

We offer general liability insurance for many operations. Protect yourself and your business from any accidents or unforeseen occurrences that may happen. When it comes to being business-smart, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Captain Crew!

Worker’s Compensation

When you have employees working for your business you will need worker’s compensation insurance. If you have to lay one of your employees off, or if one gets injured on the job, you will definitely want this coverage.

Personal Insurance

Captain Seat!

Personal Auto Insurance

We can help you cover your personal automobiles, from your golf cart at the golf course to your racecar off the racetrack, we have a policy that is both available and acceptable for you.

Captain Quarters!

Homeowner’s Insurance

If your home or assets within your home, need protecting, we can help you get the best coverage possible. If you are needing homeowner’s insurance because you have a mortgage, we can help you.

Captain Rentals!

Renter’s Insurance

When renting assets from others on a regular basis you will most likely need some form of renter’s insurance. Good thing we cover any rentals from a jet-ski on the lake to an airplane in the hangar.

Our Philosophy

In a perfect world when we lost something or damaged it, we could replace it just as easily as we broke it. However, unfortunately that isn’t the case in our society today. That’s where insurance comes into play. As a business owner you are highly recommended to, and often highly required to, maintain insurance for all of your assets, equipment, employees, and property. This is a very necessary step to take in turning your business into a professional and successful empire that will continue to be profitable for you, your family, and your employees for many more years to come.

When it comes to assets, attaining them is certainly one thing, but maintaining them is an entirely different matter. One of the biggest key-elements in maintaining any asset, is having a plan to replace it if need be. Most folks aren’t particularly fond of shelling out vast sums of money for things, especially right after suffering a financial loss. That is why having the proper amounts and coverages of insurance is such an important part of being a responsible business owner in today’s day and age. You want to be able to rest assured that you have properly taken care of your responsibility as a businessperson, which is looking out for and protecting your business, its assets, and its employees. We can help you rest easy today and know that all of your things are taken care of with KAPTINS. We search until we discover the most preferred insurance for you and your business, our agents take into account not only needing to find you the perfect insurance policy for your needs, but also consider the desire that we have in finding you the premium price that you are wanting to pay.